Training - Windows Embedded Standard 8 Reality Lab

Dauer: 2 Tage


The first part of this 2 day course gives an overview of the Windows E8S components as well as Microsoft development tools. Participants have the opportunity to generate an operating system image for their own hardware. Alternatively we provide target systems with typical configurations for industrial appliances, medical and media players, set top boxes etc.

Compared to his predecessor Windows Embedded Standard 7, WE8S offers even more embedded features and possibilities to create intelligent systems with increased security and management capability. The approach for implementing embedded apps has also improved, so a special chapter is dedicated to the different possibilities for app development and what additional aspects have to be considered when planning an embedded device.

However, due to the user friendliness of the development environment and tools, attendants of this training can take away in only two days the major knowledge and experiences which enable them to design and put together embedded systems of higher value then in the past.


  • Introduction
  • Differences between Windows 8 and WE8S
  • Windows 8 features for embedded devices
  • How to build WE8S images using Image Build Wizard (IBW)
    • Lab
  • How to build WE8S images using Image Configuration Editor (ICE)
    • Lab
  • Embedded Lockdown
    • Lab
  • Deployment, management & Servicing WE8S using Sysrep, DISM and VS
    • Lab
  • Module Designer OEM customization
    • Lab
  • How to create a Custom Shell
  • Windows Store Apps and Licensing Aspects


None; knowledge about OS architectures is helpful.


Software designer and developer implementing operating systems and applications on embedded devices.


  • We use in this training the official Microsoft training materials developed and optimized for this purpose, suitable for certification exams.